1. Testament

    So often it has been displayed to us, the hourglass
    with its grains of sand drifting down,
    not as an object in our world
    but as a sign, a symbol, our lives
    drifting down grain by grain,
    sifting away — I’m sure everyone must
    see this emblem somewhere in the mind.
    Yet not only our lives drift down. The stuff
    of ego with which we began, the mass
    in the upper chamber, filters away
    as love accumulates below. Now 
    I am almost entirely love. I have been 
    to the banker, the broker, those strange
    people, to talk about unit trusts, 
    annuities, CDs, IRAs, trying 
    to leave you whatever I can after
    I die. I’ve made my will, written
    you a long letter of instructions.
    I think about this continually. 
    What will you do? How
    will you live? You can’t go back
    to cocktail waitressing in the casino.
    And your poetry? It will bring you
    at best a pittance in our civilization,
    a widow’s mite, as mine has 
    for forty-five years. Which is why
    I leave you so little. Brokers?
    Unit trusts? I’m no financier doing 
    the world’s great business. And the sands
    in the upper glass grow few. Can I leave
    you the vale of ten thousand trilliums
    where we buried our good cat Pokey
    across the lane to the quarry?
    Maybe the tulips I planted under 
    the lilac tree? Or our red-bellied
    woodpeckers who have given us so 
    much pleasure, and the rabbits
    and the deer? And kisses? And
    love-makings? All our embracings?
    I know millions of these will be still
    unspent when the last grain of sand
    falls with its whisper, its inconsequence,
    on the mountain of my love below. 

  2. Album Art


     John Mark McMillan - Carbon Ribs

    Carbon Ribs
    John Mark McMillan
    The Medicine
  3. "If you are anything other than humbled in the presence of love, you are not in the presence of love."
    Marie-Helene Bertino (via quoteskeepthemindawake)
  4. tswgo:

    (Illustration credit: bored-meetings)

    Happy Esther Day, a holiday to celebrate love for family and friends! 

    Tell a friend or family member that you love them: pick up the phone, make a YouTube video, leave them a voicemail, tell them over coffee. Tag posts about your #Esther Day to share them with the world.

    Esther passed away from thyroid cancer in late August 2010, aged 16. The non-profit foundation This Star Won’t Go Out was established in her memory. You can find out more about Esther and donate to TSWGO here.

  5. "Books. People have no idea how beautiful books are. How they taste on your fingers. How bright everything is when you light it with words."
    Rachel Kadish, Tolstoy Lied: A Love Story (via observando)
  6. g1988:

    The artwork from Joey Spiotto’s new show “Storytime” is NOW ONLINE! See the entire show here: 


    And don’t forget to enter Joey’s raffle to win the Guardians of the Galaxy one-of-a-kind album! (see details at the above link)

  7. graham-bailey:


Google has had some stunning logos over the years, but this one is a showstopper.

I really really love this.



    Google has had some stunning logos over the years, but this one is a showstopper.

    I really really love this.

  8. booksdirect:

A rainbow of books.


    A rainbow of books.

  9. It finally happened.



    A patron walked up to the reference desk and asked for the book “To Kill a Mockingjay.”


    Photo credit.

  10. im-not-a-climbing-frame:


    Forever reblogging this.

    And the fact that there’s more than one company means several people called makes it even better.

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